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Accountable for Equality Action (AFEA) was formed to comprehensively and effectively measure allyship based on corporate contributions. AFEA’s Real Allies Database serves as a tool for advocates, employees, customers, and corporations to assess corporate giving to elected officials. AFEA’s goal is to research and present objective information about those who wish to diminish the rights of anyone.

All information presented in the Real Allies Database is sourced from publicly available resources. Contribution information goes back as far as 2016 and is sourced from Open Secrets. The Real Allies Database looks at publicly available information regarding 2021 anti-choice legislation sourced from Guttmacher, anti-voting rights legislation sourced from Brennan Center for Justice, anti-LGBTQ legislation sourced from Freedom For All Americans and insurrectionist information sourced from the DLCC’s GOP Hall of Shame: Sedition Edition.

The Real Allies Database organizes more than 130,000 corporate contributions to more than 1,000 legislators who try to minimize the rights of large swaths of the population.